Small Business Data Protection

Protect your business with data backup and offsite replication

“The irony of Disaster Recovery: Businesses that plan for failure will succeed!”

- T.E Ronneberg
Small businesses are creating more data than ever, from documents to database files and important emails, the value of their data is growing and the reliance on their data is increasing.

Viruses, disasters and system failures are always looming, the risk of losing data has never been higher. Old school backup solutions are no longer enough to ensure small businesses that their data is safe.
Big companies can take big measures to protect their data from the always prevalent threats, but small businesses have limited resources.
A robust data protection solution designed for a big corporation would be too expensive and too complicated for a much smaller company.


So what can small businesses do to protect their DATA?

Introducing Mint IT disaster recovery solution, with the perfect blend of enterprise technology, ease of use and affordability Mint IT provides big business-quality data protection for small businesses.
Thanks to Mint IT’s image based backup feature, it’s no longer necessary to pick and choose files or even to copy files to a backup folder, instead Mint IT backs up entire systems so quickly and seamlessly users don’t even notice.
Backup files are stored locally and transmitted to a secure off-site data centre for added protection.
All backups are tested automatically to ensure that trustworthy data is ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Restoring data to an entire network is easy and dependable, with its unique hybrid virtualisation feature failed systems can be recreated virtually, avoiding costly downtime.

"At last small businesses can feel confident that their data is safe 

Mint IT offers an entire family of products for businesses of all sizes as your company grows we will be there to help  

Mint IT Small Business Data Protection - Redefined  

Call Mint IT now on 020 8301 5999 put your disaster recovery plan in place today.

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