Free Network Health Check

"Checking for Potential Threats to your Business"

One of Mint IT’s key strengths is its ability to offer a completely
free of charge, no obligation, Network Health Check to all companies with three or more PC’s.
Regardless of whether you have a full or partial agreement with your IT provider it’s always worth getting a second opinion.

Mint IT offers companies a free health check for both network infrastructure and IT provision. Unlike some of our competitors we can provide you with a report that provides a true and accurate picture of your current  IT infrastructure’s performance.

Some of the components that will be included in your in depth health check audit will include :-



  • What version of the operating system is installed?
  • Are there any suspicious or unexpected entries in the system logs?
  • Is the storage redundancy system working correctly?
  • Is up-to date anti-virus software installed and working properly?

Backup System

  • Are all the necessary files being backed up?
  • What are the frequency of the backups?
  • Is there an off site backup for disaster recovery purposes?
  • Is the system set to verify that backups are completed without errors?

Workstations & Laptops

  • Is anti-virus protection working on all workstation levels?
  • Are all computers protected with a suitable Antivirus Solution?
  • Are all Service Packs and Updates regularly applied?
  • Are remote workers laptops scanned for viruses and spyware before connecting to the network?
  • Is there content filtering software installed and enabled?

Company Growth and Expansion

  • Do you plan on opening any remote offices or new locations within the next 3 to 6 months?
  • Do you have any plans to upgrade or install any key applications?
  • Do you foresee adding any new hardware of software in the next 3 to 6 months?
  • Are there any ongoing problems the company is experiencing?
  • Are there any manual processes the company would like to automate?

Network Infrastructure

  • Is your network secured against Cybercriminals and Viruses?
  • Is there an active firewall in place?
  • What type of Internet connection is in place?
  • What is the speed and configuration?

100% FREE - No Obligations. * Must have 3 PCs to qualify

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